Deli Ribeye Sandwich

Get ready to take your BBQ game to the next level with this mouthwatering sliced rib eye deli sandwich recipe. Featuring juicy slices of tender rib eye steak, grilled to perfection on the barbecue, this sandwich is the perfect combination of smoky, savory, and satisfying. Grab your tongs and fire up the grill, because this sandwich is worth the wait!

10 mins

20 mins

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack



  • Brabura kar 40 L klasse
  • Forged Sebra bread knife 20cm
  • Skottsberg stainless steel wok 28cm


  • 600 grams rib eye
  • Steak Vinaigrette
  • Mustard Deli Sauce
  • Tweety BBQ Rub
  • 6 small baguettes sliced in half
  • 600 grams beeftallow


  1. Get a large rib eye and either slice it into thin pieces yourself or ask your butcher to do it for you.
  2. Follow the recipe to make Steak Vinaigrette.
    Make Mustard Deli Sauce according to its recipe.
  3. Prepare Tweety BBQ Rub using its recipe.
  4. Cut six baguettes in half.
  5. Turn on your flat top griddle with both burners on maximum heat, creating a safe zone with one burner on small-medium heat.
  6. Grease the griddle’s surface with beef tallow.
  7. Place the thin slices of rib eye on the hottest part of the griddle and cook until the first side develops a dark brown maillard crust. Flip the rib eye and sprinkle with BBQ Rub before continuing to cook.
  8. Once the other side has the desired texture, take off the slices and let them rest on a plate while you cook more rib eye slices.
  9. Make sure to clean the griddle’s surface between batches to begin with a fresh and seasoned surface each time.
  10. After cooking all the rib eye slices, use the remaining fat and food on the griddle to toast the buns. Consider using a heavy cast iron pan to ensure the best contact between the bun and the griddle.
  11. Spread a teaspoon of Mustard Deli Sauce on each bun and add around 150 grams of grilled rib eye. Finish the sandwich with a splash of Steak
  12. Vinaigrette and more Mustard Deli Sauce before putting on the top half of the bun.


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